Other Projects

The Owl, the Thief and the Strawberries

A 2d exploration platformer written in Monogame. See The Owl, the Thief and the Strawberries on the Steam store page.

jump_detr TF2 Map Image


For TF2, pyro detonator jumping. Australian-hosted server is available, with an additional course for airblast training. View the Steam group page here, or check out the Steam workshop page here.

jump_detr TF2 Map Image

Diggers Save Editor

A save file editor for Diggers v1.94 DOS. Click here to view the webpage and here for the source code on GitHub.

itch.io page

A page to follow for game updates and releases. Click here to visit itch.io.

Huon Valley Concert Band website

A single-page static website to advertise the band's upcoming rehearsals. Click here to visit the HVCB page.